segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

Song for a Friend

Whenever you feel the need
Anytime you fear the void
He will help you plant the seed
He will join you to praise God

Amongst the multitudes that mislead you
Underneath the melody of the sad songs
He will guide you through the woods
He will whisper you a happy tune

When life seems unreal
And you suffer from a distraught heart
He will make you feel you can deal
He will tell you you'll go far

When your stare is lost
And the dark is all around
He will shine a light
He will take your hand

Days of heavy hearts will come
Through the streets you shall roam
He will not stop you
He will watch carefully
Until you make your way back home

The day you miss him
Will be a day of joy
For you'll think of him
And call him a friend
In the distance he will hear
And answer you with a smile

(Dedicated to Flora, a true Friend)

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